PLEASE READ: We typically accept website orders on Thursday’s and Friday’s only, we build all of the week’s orders simultaneously, in stages, and then ship via USPS Priority typically by the following Wednesday when all of the builds are completed.

We offer purchase and shipping of replacement footswitches to customers with United States shipping addresses, making prepayment with a Paypal account established in the United States. 

We ship exclusively to the address attached to the Paypal transaction.




How do I place an order? I don’t see the Add_to_cart_button_image_copy.png button that enables me to add my footswitch to the shopping cart.

   We typically accept orders on Thursdays and Fridays each week. We then processand build all of the pedals in stages. Completed pedal orders usually ship USPS Priority the following Wednesday.

   Register and create a login (you must do so for the website to know your shipping address and other info.), then check back Thursday and the
Add_to_cart_button_image_copy.png button should be enabled at that time.

Where do you ship from?


  All items ship from Sacramento, CA, United States.


How do I know how much a particular footswitch weighs? The weight isn't listed in the product description, but yet I have to indicate which shipping method by weight when I try to order.


  Simply select the lowest weight shown at checkout. A weight option less than the weight of the product/ products will not be visible at checkout.


Do you offer international shipping?


 Sorry, we do not offer international shipping.


What Countries do you ship to?


  We ship exclusively to the US.